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Actually, the F10 M-Sport in saloon guise is a very nice looking car, first time I have preferred the saloon over the touring.

I am not that keen on the F11 or the F31, where as I loved my E46 tourings and my E91 tourings.

My old tourings...

And dare I post this??

Not me loading up a 5GT to take my daughter to Uni!

It is my old mans.
He had a 7 series and sold it for the new 5 series, but found it far to bland, so after trying a new 7 series, X5, X6 and an S Class and A8 he ended up deciding on the new 7 series, then the sales guy got him to try the GT, slightly more focused than the 7 series, and at a year old it was 50% cheaper too.
So he went for it. Had it two and half years now and he loves it, and I have to say so do I, even the looks have grown on me, a bit like a mother always thinks her child is beautiful, even when everyone around is cringing as they have to kiss it at birthdays and holidays!!

But, the 5GT is huge inside, I took that instead of my Merc E350cdi estate as I could get more in the GT.