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Originally Posted by 1bad335 View Post
Congrats on the new ride. You will love it. I went form the E90 to the f30 last month and am loving it. I do have the comfort access and also had it in my E90. It is a nice to have and not a need to have in my book since you can still start the car without plugging the key in. I will say that the comfort access from my E90 to F30 is greatly imporved but the trunk pop kick does frustrate the crap out of me. I bought a 2012 leftover with no miles so I took it the way it came which was loaded to the balls with every option. But you won't miss the CA.
Thanks, everyone here has seen a white 335 with a red interior, so I doubt I will post any pics when I get it...but I might! The only thing different I got from what i have seen, was the high gloss black trim instead of aluminum. I am not sure I will like that, but I didn't know the difference until after I ordered. I did get the red horizontal trim.

BUT, I really don't mind using the key to open the doors for the most part. A few of our other vehicles have had keyless entry and I don't really care about it that much. It's not that hard to put a hand in your pocket and hit the button. What I hate, is when you get seated and then have to dig around in your pockets to pull out the key to put in the ignition. Especially, if you have other keys you have to carry on the chain. Then the thing is even more awkward to plug in and the keys are hanging down the dash.

I spent about 7 hours yesterday really bummed about the premium thing and not having push button start.