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Originally Posted by Wes335XI View Post
Yeah, the premium package is a bit of a rip. All you are getting is leather seats and comfort access. I ordered mine with the M Sport Line package, and had to add the leather seats (Would not own a BMW with fake leatherette seats.....). The same applies for the sport package, just pay the 1450 for leather seats and you get all of the other options along with the package. Because the 335I/XI comes with so many more options than the 328, the premium package really isn't necessary. On the 328i/xi however, the premium package was worth it.
I have never driven a car with their Leatherette, but I don't see why, with modern technology, a synthetic material could not be made to feel/look/wear better without all of the negatives of hide. Maybe you checked it out more though?

I really have never found BMWs leather to be that great in the past and for all I knew, it could have been pleather. Seems thick, very opaque, and not pliable. My S4 had Recaro seats. They weren't as well shaped and fit as the BMW sport seats, but the leather was a hell of a lot nicer.

Not criticizing your choice, just throwing it out there for disussion. I will be happy to have leather bc of the color.