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Originally Posted by Rolux Magnum View Post
Yes you are correct - I guess in that light it looks silver. Placed next to another silver BMW the Moonstone is not as bright and sharp.

Also in softer light there is sometimes a blue undertone, and a pearl look to it.
Funny thing is another friend of mine (not a car person) - took one look at it and said - " hey its moonstone" - because she has a moonstone ring - which has the same look about it.

I will take a photo of our old 1-series with the new 3 series next to it - good idea. (One series is in Titan Silver)
I tried to Google moonstone trying to find contrast between regular silver, it seems the moonstone has a touch of beige on it? I can't really tell from the pics. I guess I need to see the two paints in person to compare.. seems like an awesome color from all the replies...

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