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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
This changed during the E9x->F30 transition.

Negative. People are cheap. Even when spending $40K on a car, some people get really annoyed that a $2K navigation is more expensive and has less features than their $200 smart phone. So they refuse to pay. And BMW can't give away Nav "for free" on a $40K car, so they let people pay the premium. When you get into the $70K base price, then there is enough margin to include it for free.
Nav sucks, it takes way too long to input a destination using iDrive. I have it in my car but if I need directions I reach for my iPhone every time. I picked my car up off the lot and got a great deal on it, I couldn't order my 335is since they were out of production, but if I did order it I wouldn't have specced navigation.