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Originally Posted by joedimarzio View Post
Hi, Iīm new at this Forum. I just bought the BMS Stage 1 for my BMW 320i. At first there was no change, the car was doing the same 7.2 second 0 to 60 from the factory.
But it seems that after 100 kms, the carīs computer finally adopt the new values and I could reach 0 to 60 in 6.6 seconds (full tank). The torque is notorious once the car takes 3rth gear reaching very fast to 100kms/h (or 60mph). I want to be sure that this isnīt a fake psychological feeling and that the Stage 1 did the 6.6 seconds. But, i was wondering if disconnecting car battery iīm going to ensure that the computer is getting the values from the BMS Stage 1?

I guess 6.6 seconds in a factory 320i with full fuel tank itīs impossible,and the only responsable for that is the BMS Stage 1. I Have a video.

Does anyone know how to disconect the battery?
wat did u use for the 0-60 timings?