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Originally Posted by JMK007 View Post
Those who have tracked cars for a while know weight reduction is a great way to improve performance on the track in every regard (ie., acceleration, braking, and cornering). In my previous e36 M3, I could drop considerable weight by quickly removing the full spare, tools, the rear be bench seat, and using light weight wheels.

On the F30, it will be harder to drop significant weight since we have no spare tire to begin with. Does anyone know what can be easily removed or done on the F30 to reduce 100 to 150 lbs while keeping it fully streetable?

Light weight wheels, particularly good quality 17" track wheels, should be good for about 30 lbs. I have not yet tried to remove and weigh the rear bench seat let alone the entire back seat. Nor have I removed and weighed the tools or trunk liner. Has anyone done any of this yet? Other free or cheap weight reduction for the track would include a light weight battery (-20 lbs approx) and a half tank of gas (-40 lbs approx). Any other easy, free or cheap ideas other than going on a personal diet?
The passenger seat and rear flip downs are worth atleast 100 lbs.
takes about 10 minutes to remove.
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