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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
Too much body roll.

It's not that bad.

I know springs will not cure it.

It will need a beefier rear sway bar.
This F30 sport suspension does have more body roll.
But that's not always a bad thing as it can help give more grip in a tight turn with the added weight transfer.

I don't track so I haven't "pushed" it in that sense.
I've pushed it on some regular roads like on nicely curved entrance ramps.
For me the car sticks nicely.
And when I set the adaptive dampers to sport there is less body roll.

My issue is the overall "looser/softer" feel of the suspension like the car is riding on softer rate springs and/or softer bushings all around.
That coupled with the softer, not as crisp, steering makes my Msport feel a good bit softer than my 135i and E46 325i sport.
The steering and chassis just felt tighter on both of those cars.
My Msport feels like there is a layer of marshmallow in the set up.
Maybe firmer bushings?

I'm still considering getting the M Performance springs to use them with the adaptive dampers.
I may end up doing that in the next couple of months.
For me I think that will give me what I want.