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Originally Posted by xinudio View Post

I'm posting my issues cuz i'm really not happy with my f30.

My f30 is almost 4 months old, and last week suddenly my cigarette charger stopped working (so i couldn't charge gps/phone, .. anymore). No big deal i thought untill the next day suddenly i kept getting messages that my rear braking lights and indicators were broken. The weird thing is they actually did work. Then the next day, i kept getting more messages on my idrive that my lights were broken and my indicators and fog lights stopped working.

After that i came home and my trunk wasn't able to open anymore, it just kept fucking locked + my rear windows wouldn't open anymore. This is really fun if you have many stuff in your trunk at that moment. ...

I went to my garage, they said they never had seen this issue before and thaught that my central computer that manages all the electronics was acting up. They kept my car for 2 days and gave me a frigging 10 year old occasions car because their replacement cars were all taken already... (You should know it costed my 30 euros/2 days for gas, and normally with my car i tank for free with a tank-card from work ...). After 2 days i could go pick up my car, it seemed all ok, and a day after (today) i started getting messages on my idrive again about malfunctioning lights. So it seems its all starting over again.

I called my garage instantly and they asked me to bring in the car, wich means i have to take off time at work again (already lost 2 days for bringing/picking up the car) so it seems i'll probably end up getting an old 2nd hands car again, have to pay alot for gas and will be losing almost 4 day's off at work, with no garantuee it will be solved...

I'm really not happy with my new car and wished bmw did more to keep me satisfied or atleast help me better so it doesn't cost me that much of day off's at work and for the gas, because it's a production error under guarantee.

My advice is to really not buy this car of they can't get their electronics right or even get it fixed. it's really dangurous if your lights/indicators all go out when driving the highway when its dark in the winter.

Both of these things happened on my 2008 e90. the cigarette lighter is a simple fuse. I seem to recall the lock/trunk thing being tied to a bad electronic part in a door lock system.
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