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I had hands down the best shop in Dallas do my Yukon with top of the line ceramic film for $250 (with lifetime warranty). Same film that goes on all the exotics they get in there. Guess I'm getting my tint done here before I go to CA

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Whats the timeline for fading/discoloration of cheaper dyed films? I currently have Llumar in my e90, which is fine, but here in PA I dont really have the concerns with keeping heat out, etc, that I would have if I were in Texas or Arizona. For me its mainly for appearance.

That being said (and with my car being a lease), what are the short term advantages to paying more for a "better" tint (assuming the installer is equally competent)?
If it fades that's fine, but discoloration your dealer may charge you to get it taken off. The color stays more true with a better film and won't turn brownish