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Originally Posted by R12ax7 View Post
Whats the timeline for fading/discoloration of cheaper dyed films? I currently have Llumar in my e90, which is fine, but here in PA I dont really have the concerns with keeping heat out, etc, that I would have if I were in Texas or Arizona. For me its mainly for appearance.

That being said (and with my car being a lease), what are the short term advantages to paying more for a "better" tint (assuming the installer is equally competent)?
Timeline varies by brand. Some are better than others. I had Madico Charcool (dyed) for 4 years and it held up OK. Also had Llumar ATC for 3 years and it was OK. Heat rejection nowhere near as good as the 3M CS film.

Better films typically do a better job rejecting UV/IR rays, have better heat rejection, better optical clarity, better adhesives so they fail less frequently, better scratch coatings, shrink better for curved glass, etc....

Several film brands import low end products from China. Also some off brands import and a lot of it is downright junk. Some tint shops are using the China products for low cost installs. Simply, it allows the shop to still make a decent margin even at low cost installs. Hopefully you never come back to complain and if you do will they honor the warranty?
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