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ok here i am.I cannot post DIY or any photos at the moment because has mentioned incorrect quantity of LED units fitted in the Headlights.As a result one of my car's headlight is missing Angel eyes being lit up.I have already ordered the missing LED's.I think I'll post a DIY once both the headlights are fully working.I can confirm the system throws no error except for Auto Headlight Levelling error as I didn't install the sensors and now as I have disabled the Leveller check by coding hence no errors now.Also I didn't have to cut a single wire except for one ground wire which i peeled off a little to bridge it with new ground wires.

For the price pair of headlights cost me 2000 euros excludes shipping including all parts except for xenon bulbs which you can get at any local dealer for under 100.

At this moment I can give you the full list of parts required to complete the retrofit which is following:

1. 63 11 7 338 699 RHD Non Adaptive Headlight Assembly Left Q'ty -1

1a. 63 11 7 314 531 LHD Non Adaptive Headlight Assembly Left Q'ty -1

2. 63 11 7 338 700 RHD Non Adaptive Headlight Assembly Right Q'ty -1

2a.63 11 7 314 532 LHD Non Adaptive Headlight Assembly Right Q'ty -1

3. 63 12 7 296 090 Xenon Ballast Q'ty-2

4. 63 21 7 217 509 Xenon Bulbs Q'ty-2

5. 63 11 7 311 243 LED Module Q'ty-4(here went wrong and mentioned quantity as 2)

5a. 63 11 7 316 147 LED Module Q'ty-4(only for new builds after 07/2012)

6. 63 11 7 316 143 Headlight Control module Q'ty-2

Your car will fit either 1 or 1a ,2 or 2a depending on RHD and LHD and 5 or 5a depending on Car build Level.

Please note the above list mentions only the parts which need to be purchased and not the parts which will be used from Halogens.

I purchased these parts from Germany.Anyone willing to buy can contact me and I'll guide you thru.