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It seems like I can't create another thread because I have to wait 24 hours to validate.

Hopefully some of you guys can help me out here.

So I placed my wife's 335xi on order about 3 weeks ago. And I signed an order form and put deposit for 1000.

And 2 days (4/30/2013) ago my sales guys ran my credit and gave me 0.00169 for MF
It looks like he marked up this baby by 0.0004. I thought I was suppose to get base MF for this (April was at 0.00129). My score is at low to mid 700s. He insisted that MF wouldn't change and I was highly doubting this and made some research. And found out there is dealer mark up and it is "usual" for dealership to mark up 0.0004 from my MF. Subtract .00169-0.0004=0.00129. I think dealership is trying to make up some money because originally I was planning to pick up my car from California to save couple of thousands. Before I left I wanted them to price match it and dealership is now playing games it seems like.

I am calling this guy a BS about my MF set because he didn't "know" about security deposit lowers my MF as well.

I sent him an email and told him about matching my april base rate but hasn't heard from him yet. How should I go and about this?
And it looks like May MF is even lower by 0.00002....

Thank you guys for help and sorry it feels like I am thread high jacking lol