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Originally Posted by drob23 View Post
Wait, you don't think the RF's on the car will go 36k miles if you are running snow tires for ~4 months of the year? Assuming equal driving miles/mnth that's only 24k miles on the tires.

Even though they're RF's, they've got to be nice ones? I'd just try and trade them with someone else and at least get *something*. This seems like another reason why leasing isn't great.
FWIW, the rear RFTs on my car wore out in about 8k miles. Because of the M sport staggered setup on my car, I can't rotate them so they wear out a lot faster. I swapped out all 4 tires for non-RFTs and put 22k miles on those rears! (Granted, they are a Max Performance All Season Tire vs. Summer.) In a few months i'll put my original front RFTs back on the car with some new rears before turn in.

For my next lease I will definitely swap out my RFTs around 2-3k miles and save them until I need to turn the car in. The Performance tire shop that I went to actually said that many of their BMW customers swap out the RFTs immediately on the new cars and save them.