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I am friends with one of the shop foreman here at one of the bmw's here in edmonton. (20 years of experience) With that being said, his words exactly " The engine oil that is used can definitely handle the 15k interval change. But the filter can't. When we service some vehicles the Oil filter is completely destroyed crumple or enough oil already leaking, obviously this is not told to the costumer. So if you really want to take care of your vehicle and make sure is top shape. Do it every 7500km, whats an extra $100 for your peace of mind later on and on a 50k vehicle. Also will help your resale value later on if you do decide to do it as it will be documented."
Im planning to do it every 5000km since i am anal about maintenance. If you don't want to to take it to the dealership than buy the stuff and do it yourself. Only reason to take it to dealership is that it is recorded into the system and youll have it as records for resale later and it just looks nice to have them from the dealership. Where as if you were to do it yourself, you'd have receipts. So is just preference and diff price range.
I'm sorry, but what he told you is pure BS. I have 2006 E90 325i with 215,000 miles on it. I change the oil per the CBS, which is about every 17,500 miles using BMW oil and a BMW OEM oil filter. I have personally changed the oil 11 times since the pre-paid maintenance service expired. Never once has the oil filter element been clogged, torn, crushed, collapsed, or had a hole in it. The used oil filter element going out has been as strong as the new filter element being installed. I own a second BMW, a 1997 Z3, with the same results, the oil filter element is as good as the day it was installed, just stained with used oil.