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Originally Posted by hkdude View Post
so u agreed a price with them for 400 and then they charged you 1000??
i dont get it ?

wow that other shop looks even smaller!!! i will stick to the bigger tyre shops like Empire in SanpoKong with proper equipment and computer printouts.
That right they change the price right at the last min. They say $400 at 1st before I took the wheels down there and I delivered the rims and tyres to them to be installed ready for my F10 in my 7 seater and drove back home to get the f10 to install the wheels and after install the boss say $1200 at 1st and I say what the hell. He say the price gone up because it is 20" and not 18" which is bullshit because my 2009 E60 had installed 19" there and they also change me $400.

The smaller shop only do alignment and balance they are very pro. they dont sell wheels or tyres unless you what him to get them for you.
Empire in SanpoKong is the best but booking for them is 3 weeks for a Saturday so I can not wait that long and I can not go in weekdays.