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Originally Posted by Rover View Post
A paragraph before the one referenced below, reads....that if you need to top off your oil, and BMW oil is not available, you can use any of the following.

So to is not clear if these four oils are OK for continual use...or for topping off only.

I attended an oil seminar at the BMW MOA National Convention....and became a believer that there is a difference in the composition (additives) of various oils. Engine structures and engine materials differ from auto maker to maker. And the recommended oils have the necessary additives for the various engine structures, materials, tolerances, etc.
I agree that it's not 100% crystal clear, but my interpretation is that BMW wants you to use the BMW/Castrol oil (obviously), but if you don't want to, you can use A, B or C.

There is one thing I am convinced of and will never (yes, I said never) believe, is that a an engine with genuine BMW/Castrol used for 15k miles is better protected than one which uses a non-BMW/Castrol LL-01 oil changed at 7.5k.
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