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Originally Posted by KT_F31_EBII View Post
Let us know what you code and would be good to have video tutorial from the master HFW003 ;-)

Kit required and codes used (i know there is a coding section) but keep the Aussie way would be great and helpful.

Is yours the new Navigation NPT or the CIC? I am sure my F31 Nav Pro is 609 NPT updated version when i get my car in late august/september.

I am hardly the master mate, shan't be doing video tutorials, sorry. Seriously there is plenty of " how to" info in the coding section on this site as well as the other site.

I have been in touch with Shawn Sheridan on the other site and he IS the master! He has been a great help and has answered the few questions I had.

After having done it I'm not sure what all the fuss is about not being able to do it. It is very basic to do the actual "coding", once you plug your car into the laptop it is just a matter of changing the values, it is not difficult!

The hardest part is getting the actual E Sys program loaded onto your laptop and getting all the correct information into the correct folders and locations. If you know how to move folders around on a computer you can code, simple as that.

The cable cost me $20 and it is $50 US for the token and pin you will need, that's it.

My current vehicle has the CIC, not sure what the new one will have?

I have coded the following:

The pain in the ASS to last setting- this was really the only reason I wanted to do it.
Ringtone to be the same as my phone
Rear DRL's
Window roll up when the door is open
Mirror folds when turning the car off
Sport display

With saying all that I haven't actually checked it all worked as it was late last night when I finished.

Don't be worried guys it really is very easy to do and even if it gets wiped by a stealer at a service,it only takes about 10 minutes to do.

Take the plunge.