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Originally Posted by hkdude View Post
of course you can get it as M sport.

all those figures are all over the board, Edmunds had the 328i as 5.6 secs.......
bhp/mt is 172 v 144, that in real life makes a huge difference, we're not talking 10% there now.
have U ever tried driving the 528i on HK island up and down the hills??
then u will know what i mean, its a nice car but HUGE.
As for R&T having the exact same figs with a heavier car with the same engine and gear ratios......... sounds weird.
i mean its ok to read magazines, but common sense says a 135i will always be faster than a 335i..............

Gruppe M - i'm going for the sound bro, and am 99% tempted,
i'm still waitin for my M performance exhaust to arrive , has taken 2months!

got my car and put the rear spoiler on last night
I drive the 528i N20 engine and it is much faster than old E60 530i and the old F10 528i engine but like you say it is way to big to throw around corners. My old e60 is OK a bit smaller, I tested all at TMS and non of them is underpower at all.
The 3er is the king of the road and nothing can beat it no matter which engine.
I never understand why ppl always compare small cars to big cars. It like saying which is better of M3 over M5 lol.