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Originally Posted by hkdude View Post
of course you can get it as M sport.

all those figures are all over the board, Edmunds had the 328i as 5.6 secs.......
bhp/mt is 172 v 144, that in real life makes a huge difference, we're not talking 10% there now.
have U ever tried driving the 528i on HK island up and down the hills??
then u will know what i mean, its a nice car but HUGE.
As for R&T having the exact same figs with a heavier car with the same engine and gear ratios......... sounds weird.
i mean its ok to read magazines, but common sense says a 135i will always be faster than a 335i..............

Gruppe M - i'm going for the sound bro, and am 99% tempted,
i'm still waitin for my M performance exhaust to arrive , has taken 2months!

got my car and put the rear spoiler on last night
the sound of f30 gruppe m is not loud. u might disappointed with it