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Originally Posted by Eric SS View Post
I asked this in the debadge thread but didn't get a response so I'm starting a new thread. I've debadged vehicles in the past but didn't debade my 335is lease because I didn't want to get hit when I turned it in but I would like to debadge my F30 335i.

Has anyone debadged a lease? what was the experience turning it in? It's a factory option in Europe so I would hope it's not an issue in the states as far as making you pay for it when you turn it in.

I've done it for friends on other makes of cars and not had an issue. Hint: put masking tape over the letters before you remove them. Then they will stay the exact same distance from each other if you NEED to ever put them back on. Use some new 3M tape and put them back on without removing them from the masking tape from the top of them. Thanks!

I have done very small mod's to my previous lease (Infiniti G37s) where I changed the grill and debadged it, however, kept all the parts and returned them at the end of the lease without any issuse. (In Toronto)