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So, one area where the Toyobaru definitely didn't deliver was in the FUEL-EFFICIENT FUN department. I can't accept that the Toyobaru is less fuel-efficient in track than a 13 years-old more powerful, similarly weighted S2000. And, to my knowledge there's no real option available - electric cars at this stage are FAR from being a 'real' option - that addresses the issue of FUEL-EFFICIENT FUN except for the Volkswagen Bluesport Concept, which unfortunately still is only a concept, and the Alfa Romeo 4c.

Therefore, I can't convince myself to lose money selling my 1M to buy a 'less fuel-efficient than an old S2000' Toyobaru when driven hard because the m 77oney I would lose by doing so would be far from compensating the money on the fuel I would save with the Toyobaru which the evidence shows it is not as much as one would have first imagined.

I think it's obvious now for everyone that diesel is the way to go for FUEL-EFFICIENT FUN. Of course that when we talk about car fun, lightweight is always implicit. So, in the absence of a true driver's car diesel option the only real option for FUEL-EFFICIENT FUN is the 4c's extreme lightweight. Without a true fuel-efficient Toyobaru this thread doesn't make sense anymore to me so I will leave it as it is. My choice of the moment is the Alfa Romeo 4c! :