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Originally Posted by hkdude View Post
man you used words like "underwhelming" for the 528i in previous posts, any reason why its suddenly a different car, even after 4 test drives?

being on the forum and trying hard to be a guru is hard to keep up
i'd say its fast V Audi A6 2.0t, but against a 328i which was the crux of this chat.
enjoy the car instead.
As I said, it's due entirely to the gearbox. The response is very slow & that's nothing to do with the engine. The engine isn't underpowered, it's just the gearbox that's masking it's true performance. Need to test drive more & longer to make sure it's not the gearbox's learning function (or if it is, then a longer drive will make it learn more of my habits) that's making it slow.
The 528i is faster than all the cars in it's class (A6 2.8FSI, E250 & E300), not only the A6 2.0t (dealt with easily by the 520i).