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Originally Posted by hkdude View Post
dude, the sum of all is what matters, strong engine+"slow" gearbox+heavy car=? underpowered? its a big ol car, a good car, no mistake about that but again, its getting boring now, its underpowered compared to the 328i,
which is much lighter+same gearbox+strong engine.
The whole argument is that the 528i is too big and heavy for the engine, but you continue going on about open opinions- road tests, gearbox learning, comparing to other cars etc,. all pretty boring, you already said it was "underwhelming" which in the end was probably what you thought in the first place and that does it for me.
No, the 528i is not too big nor too heavy for the engine. That was my point thru & thru. It feels slow not because of it's engine but because of it's gearbox.
Yes, it's the sum that matters but it's not the engine that's causing the problem. Also, regarding geabox learning, it is not a fair assesment on the car if it underperforms due to sth which can be cured by simply driving it harder for 10-15mins.