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Originally Posted by hkdude View Post
i'm sure ALL the test cars' gearboxes at BMW have been seriously "taught"
i reckon most people will put it in the Sport and S+ and hammer it, so reckon your test cars were graduates so what you tested is what you will get, end of.
Here is the ACS TUV type approval cert, being German they can't use it here for the TD, with this the 528 will fly
they focused on diesels because the biggest market in the EU is for Diesels,
they will and can tune anything.
i had considered their new wheels but the cost was up to 50k+ for 20inch and they looked nearly the same as the MP 405.
its great that bmw are covering the aftermarket with perfectly designed products, my favourite are the wheels, the handling is really sublime,you would think u are riding on 18inch wheels and the run flat P Zeros are very silent and soft, i'm pretty amazed cos we have crap roads on HK island, no doubt they were tested for weeks on the nuburgring 100% designed for the F30.
i'm still waitin for my M P exhaust, its taken forever
have been tempted by the GT haus and Eisenmann, with the former having some real badass welding but not sure how the valveactuator plug will fit on and what will be done to make it defunct
Don't get there wheels they weight a ton so heavy, I used to have the ACS tyre4 19", the weight is almost same as BMW wheels.
I have not tired the new 1s don't know what the weights are?