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Originally Posted by Vitoco View Post
I have a rattle coming from the driver side door, turned out to be the door panel. I grabbed the edge of the bottle/storage compartment and jerked it back and forth, it wasnt sitting tight alright. Did this on all the door panels and found that the rear right was also not fixated. Will have this fixed at the dealer, but I guess its pretty easy to put in some of that foam there. Thats probably what they'll do as well.

If you didnt get what I meant I can post a pic to show when I have the time.
Had the same issue in the winter time. I never took pictures to do a DIY because it was so cold I broke a retaining clip due to frigid conditions so I wasn't about to take everything back apart. But it was the panel clips that go into the door shear metal. They were moving around quite a bit in their carriers and caused a creak. All I did was jam my trusty rattle tape to make them robust and no more problem. If anyone is interested I can take apart the panel now that its warm out.
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