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That 4C looks fantastic! This is my first time seeing it. Believe it or not I'm seriously (to the point of test driving one in a couple days) considering trading my 135i in for a 2014 (when they put out info) BRZ. The reality of it is I need a back seat.

Unfortunately I just can't do the garaged fun car and DD combo. I had a Miata and came to resent it while I drove my Impreza wagon all day. The card handled amazing after all the work I did but it was piss slow and a convertible. Now, my girlfriend of 1yr + is moving in and I will have access to a 2008 Camry. (Score!)

Life story divulged... I enjoy driving. I offer to drive a lot as opposed to her Camry because again, I hate having an enjoyable car rotting in my garage. I don't see this changing in the future. If I didn't need to worry about 3 bodies while having fun going to Whole Foods I'd probably opt for a 4C for sure. All that said my CPO runs out within a year, and I'm due for brakes and tires in short order. So the question is burning for me, do I spend $2-3k? Or... pick up a more long term solution, albeit slower. Using my 3k on an ideally more permanent solution!

I was probably a bit ignorant jumping into my 135i back in 2011 but I can honestly say I didn't anticipate going through tires every 20k. I haven't even tracked it or roasted the tires. I'd never roast the tires but I sure as hell don't want to track it now, and that makes me sad. Quote on brakes was 1.2k+ (indy shop, my parts - dealer wants $1700 and this is a good reputable (Baron BMW dealer!) Some Michelin PSS are roughly $950 @

Hearing both of those prices my occasional track day motivations have gone from oh hell yeah, its too bad work had me traveling during this years event (because I initially registered...) to, "screw that, its too GD expensive!" Hell, I track my expenses and realized I've spent $800 on gas since March 8th! The car isn't breaking me but it feels like it's getting to a point of "is it really worth it?" As opposed to just banking the money and gaining interest.

Anyway, that is my pseudo declaration of me feeling like with my CPO's end is looming within a year, and my 65k 2008 135i being my DD is giving me serious reservations about keeping it. A 2014 BRZ is sounding right up my alley.

None of these concerns are against the 135i directly. I love the GD car hell I just added a Kerscher front lip and Scoipone rear diffuser! Reality seems to be catching up to fantasy though.

Ideally I test drive the car in a day and this entire beer fueled post is rendered obsolete.

We'll see.

P.S. I adored my Miata's (and 135i) interior for its simplicity. So please don't drag that into the conversation. Limited for me! If I do shit!
2008 135i 6MT

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