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Originally Posted by MrBeranek View Post
A fully loaded F31 335xd is about 73k EUR, a fully loaded D3 Touring is about 84k EUR. So it is more expensive, but I wouldn“t say it“s "hell of a lot".
Yeah but your missing the point I said about discounts. A 335d xDrive in M Sport is around £41k with £5k discount without even haggling because its on BMW's website when you go to configure the car. However if you haggle with the dealer you can probably get that to £8k odd, most people seem to be doing so. The APR is also a lot lower than an Alpina if your going to finance the car rather than buy it with cash.

So yeah if your paying cash and BMW removes their discounts then the Alpina isn't that much more. But with the discounts currently it is a lot more expensive. That's all I was trying to say.