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Originally Posted by NYR View Post


Vanity plates scream out the above and only the above.
I completely disagree. Vanity plates are often picked up by people that care about their vehicles. To me, it screams enthusiast more than the two things you listed.

D-BAG: The people that assume D-BAG for vanity plates are the same people that assume D-BAG just cause you drive a BMW. I had plenty of people that tell me they wouldn't buy a BMW because it's a douche-mobile.

KEY ME: Unfortunately, I had my car keyed before, and it didn't have a vanity plate. Are you admitting that you go around keying vehicles with vanity plates? I do hope you get caught and beat up for it one of these days.

Originally Posted by OC40 View Post
Congrats on the new car! Please skip the vanity plates. I beg you!
Lots of people will tell you to skip the vanity plates. I personally like them, but it does get people's attention. Only get it if you want the extra attention. Like people mentioned, you are more likely to get photographed. You are more likely to get tickets. And I guess you are more likely to get your car keyed by D-BAGs.