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Originally Posted by Roki_014 View Post
ok but how is it throwing you any faster than 335i if 0-60 is same if not slower, i dont get it unless there is a huge difference in like 40-80 or 60-80 , i never drove a 335d so i guess i dont understand
The 0-62 is no longer a good benchmark to compare cars of this magnitude since you're flirting with the grip limit of your tires during the entire excercise. In all other driving conditions than stand still, the torque of the D3 is massively superior and casts the D3 far ahead the 335i immediately.

The 335i doesn't stand a chance, the M will have a serious job to keep up with it but will be able to rev it out above 6000 rpm. Still the D3 will keep its crown for master of efficient & cool performance. The 335i will only be able to hang on when it is in "stressed" high rpm mode, while the D3 still drives relaxed and composed a couple of thousand RPM's lower, also emitting only half of the COČ doing this.

What a masterpiece it is, and not really expensive apparently... seems a better deal than the 335xd! When you put the extra kit on the 335xd that's included in the D3, you exceed the price of the D3! The engine tune is apparently thrown in for free!

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