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403M on Staggered All Seasons

My order is still held up which means I have more time to second guess my options for the hundredth time. I currently have an Xdrive msport 6mt alpine white on order with 400M staggered summers. My plan is to take off the summer run flat tires and replace them with non run flat ultra high performance all seasons, most likely the new Michelin pilot AS 3. I will drive these year round including through NY winters. My question is not about the merits of winter tires. I am absolutely using all seasons year round on stock wheels as that is my preference from years of similar setups. That has worked well for me even in the hilly area where I live.

Anyway as of late I have been considering switching to 403M wheels but my concern is that the 1/2" less rubber on either side of the wheel will mean poor performance in the winter or damaged wheels. My previous cars have had a bit more meat 225/50 vs the new BMWs 225/40 front tires. The 400Ms already have a little less sidewall that my previous car but the 403Ms would be even more so. My gut says sooner or later this becomes unusable in the winter. My previous experience may not be similar as a result of the new cars lower profile.

Anyone have experience running 403Ms on all seasons during the winter on an xdrive? Or do I stick with the 18's?