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Adaptive M Suspension Issues and Small DHP vs Non-DHP Review

I just wanted to let you know that I've been having issues with my adaptive M-Suspension and hopefully this will help some of you considering adding the DHP onto your orders and also to let you know my experience with the issues (in the event it happens to you) and comparison vs non-dhp now that i have driven a car with and without it (my new loaner doesn't have it).

Issue & Story

I have had my car for about 45 days now and just made my first payment on it. Since picking it up, I've now taken my car to the dealership three times to get this issue addressed.

While driving a week into having my car I received a warning that came up:

"Chassis: Drive Moderately
Contact your service center"

I had no idea what this meant so i quickly called the service center and took my car in the next day.

After a full day of testing they were able to reproduce the issue and did some type of recalibration and a test plan from BMW. They told me to "drive it over the weekend and see if the issue persists. We recalibrated the shocks and hopefully that fixes it. Just dont drift or do SCCA or anything like that while we confirm the issues."

I said okay, and drove it off the lot and right after i made my first turn at 10 miles per hour, the stupid warning popped up again.

I called them back and they told me to call on monday once BMW had a chance to review the diagnostics. Well i called back monday and they told me they needed to replace the front drivers shock because the sensor was bad. The part was on backorder so they needed to bring it in from Germany and that would take a couple weeks, but my car was okay to drive, again, as long as i didnt drift or do SCCA.

I waited a few weeks and the shock finally came in. I took it to the dealership, the replaced the shock and said all was well. I drove home (i live 5 min away) and took it out the next day for a test. Well sad to say the light came back on and now my car is at the dealership once again. I guess this time they have no idea what is wrong which is why i got a car as a loaner as they are keeping my car overnight.

I will keep you all updated on this, but this is the third time i am bringing my car in to get this issue addressed. Now i dont know what the issue is ad the M Adaptive Suspension seems to be working fine so ill let you all know how this pans out.

Now onto my quick review on Adaptive vs Non-Adaptive.

When i first picked up my car, I was somewhat underwhelmed with the DHP. The difference between comfort and sport was noticeable but not as much as you would think. The suspension does stiffen up slightly and bumps become more noticeable but i have yet to realize a significant change on body roll or cornering dynamics. The throttle response options are great but I probably would prefer to leave the suspension on stiff settings at all times (since it isnt significantly different). I've ridden in cars that have Tein adjustable suspension and the difference between super stiff and super soft is a lot more noticeable.

Now that i've had a chance to drive a model without it, boy there are a lot of things you miss. Other than the complaints I have with driving a sport (mine is an M-Sport and the steering wheel is so much better) the suspension does seem a little louder and rougher around the edges. The bumps are more pronounced and it feels like you are walking barefoot as opposed to a nice comfortable pair of shoes. You just don't really notice the Adaptive suspension until you drive a car without it. I cant really comment on the performance of the two just yet, but as I get more acquainted with this car I will. The VSS is a nice touch and makes the steering feel, just, more precise IMO without the added effort.

Just my 2cents. If any of you have any specific questions please feel free to ask and I will keep you updated on my issue. Can't wait to get this fixed so i can finally get my BC Forged Wheels on with my H&R Sport Springs!