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Quoting myself from the last 4GC thread...

So, just for fun... Based on 2013 Q1 & Q2 Global figures....

6 series GC accounts for over 50% of all 6 series sales, with the Coupe doing about 25% and the Cabriolet picking up the remainder.
Sales of the two door variants dropped by ~2800 units, vs a gain of ~6470 units of the four door 6-er.
On either side of the 6er GC, the 5er Saloon increased volume by ~7380 units whilst the 7er saloon dropped by ~3410 units.

So.. it appears the GC models will be popular... but, are they increasing sales, or moving them about? It's simple cigarette-packet statistics, but the contribution to the sales numbers the 6GC made, maybe offset by customers moving from the Coupe or the Cabriolet, or to something sportier than a 7er...

... not to forget though that some of the customers will have been retained to the BMW brand rather than looking to a CLS or an A7.

Also, noticed that with over 10,000 units in this period the 5GT outsold any of the outgoing coupe or convertible 1's & 3's (bar the E92 which sold a few hundred more), and still outsells the Z4, and each 6er variant.

Like I say, there appears to be a market for these new models, people are buying them. So, is it that hard to make sense of a 4GC?