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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
BMW of Ridgefield has one or two I saw this morning on the lot that are RWD...F30 RWD's are hard to come across in NE.

I feel like i'm the only on here!
You're not alone!

I've owned only RWD BMWs since 2005.

Truth be told, though, I don't drive my 335i in the winter. If the weather is nice -- and the road is completely dry -- I'll take it out. But the real reason I don't drive it isn't worries about traction.

I simply don't want my $50K car to get salt all over it. In New England, we use enough of it so that some days the road is bleached white. That stuff, once it's all up inside your car, never really comes out. Salt/sand spray is like sandblasting the exterior paint, especially when you get stuck behind a truck or worse, a plow convoy.

My winter wheels are on a AWD Toyota RAV4.

I admit not everyone has a winter betah, but driving one only makes getting into a pristine BMW when it's nice even more fun.
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