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Originally Posted by MWA View Post
Hmm.. Am sure I've tried that. Btw, when I turn off the engine, the navigation screen stay on, until I exit the car and lock it with the remote.. Possible, the problem is the car not shutting down properly?
They all do this.. It does't bother me anymore.. But if you want everything turned off before you exit, then you need to turn the ignition off by pressing the starter button a second time. Make sure you do this with the car in park (auto) or without the clutch depressed (manual) so that the second push does not simply start the engine again.

Relating this back to the old "turn the key in ignition" days, the first push of the button stops the engine and moves the "key" into accessory mode. The second push moves the key into the "off" position from where you could withdraw it.