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Dilemma ... 318d M Sport or 320d Sport

Hi guys,

Due to order my new company car this month and find myself in a dilemma.

I either have the choice of a 318d M Sport saloon or the 320d Sport Touring.

Ideally wanted a touring in M Sport guise, but due to company policy, the above two are my only choices.

However there is no limit on options, besides my pay check at the end of the month.

So it is either:

318d M Sport saloon with Msport+, visibility pack, adaptive suspension, BPD, pdc, heated seats, in AW with coral red leather


320d Sport touring with visibility pack, 19" individual wheels, coral leather, mineral white paint, Panoramic roof, adaptive suspension, HK, tints, shadow line trim, pdc and BPD.

Looks are important to me, and I love the look of the M sport but I am sure the 1.8d's mpg isn't worth the sacrifice in speed and 0-60 time vs the 320d.

However the 320d sport doesn't look as good as the M sport saloon although it is more practice and quicker.

Cost wise monthly it's a difference of around 50-60.

Any ideas

What would you do?