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Originally Posted by LHY-x3 View Post
I have had a similar issue now 2 times with my 2013 X3 (with the Msport suspension). I had the warning "chassis drive moderately" pop up intermettently over the span of a month or so, then it started happening daily, so I took the car to the dealer. They did something, not sure what - I think they just re-set the computer, sent me home, and the warning came on as I was driving home from the dealership. So I took the car back and they replaced a sensor.

That was two months ago and the problem seemed to be cured...until today. When the warning came back again.

It seemed like they didn't really understand what was causing the problem or quite how to fix it. So we'll see if they have any more insight this time around.
My issue finally got fixed about 3 weeks ago. After replacing the shock they found that the plug from the chassis to the shock was lose on the body end, not the shock end. What the did was swap the left and right cords, plugged it in really well and the issue went away. They concluded that is wasnt plugged in good. Hans isnt doing a good job on the line of plugging the cables in good!