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Originally Posted by Postcab View Post
If you can live with the poorer practiciality and slightly worse performance, I would go for the M Sport on the basis that I wouldn't want to mod a company car.

The M Sport looks much better IMO, and the Steering wheel (which you'll be holding a lot...) is in a different league.

This is a good point the M-Sport steering wheel feels just great to hold. Even my wife when she sat in the differing cars in the showroom decided that we wanted "a white one with the chunky steering wheel". My Touring is so useful but then I have to lug a lot of gear around and its a very flexible load space.

I am the ultimate car tart as I had the M Sport for looks but got a model with non MSport suspension as I find it too hard! Given your choice I would go for the touring due to my load needs so I guess it depends on why you wanted a touring.