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Originally Posted by Dippydo View Post
Actually it is not. I have 7000 miles on the tires and still wearing evenly. The shop I use, which is the only certified Lambo and Ferrari service center in the midwest other than Chicago did the work and said 5+ would be where you start to see bad tire wear. I was skeptical as well, but knowing the shop and what they do I gave it a shot and so far so good and they were right. Figured if they did wear then replacing the rears is not that expensive, but luckily they are doing good.

BTW it is a total 3 degrees not an additional to stock. I am not sure what stock is to be honest. I just remember the conversation because they called me first before doing it to make sure I was aware.
Nice, glad to hear you have no problems with tire wear. Maybe BMW runs higher camber stock than Audi. I understood that 3 deg of camber is total. My S4 has .5-1.5 deg camber as the alignment range. Every degree of camber is quite a lot, I installed adjustable upper control arms for the front after I dropped on OE springs...all to swing it to -1.5 from -1.8 post drop