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Originally Posted by kapkanimd View Post
With those widths are you rubbing at all? and do you have any rubbing?

Very rarely and I mean very. It has to be a large dip that compresses the springs almost all the way down and then it will slightly catch the top of the wheel wells but not the fenders. Like I mention we added a little bit (1-2 Degrees) of neg camber on the rears to get them to tuck better and the fenders were not rolled. No camber was added to the fronts.

My reference to F30 is that he is tucking half the tires. I had mine that low and then gradually raised it a quarter inch until it stopped rubbing to get to where you see it now. He is running a narrower tire on the front and rear which not only is shorter but also made even shorter by stretching them. Some guys like to stretch the tires, but I prefer them more square.

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