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Post Step by step instructions

Originally Posted by newoldbeemer View Post
@friederbluemle, were you able to do it successfully?

I noticed you are from around where I am. Do you know if there are any shops who would do this work?
Yes I was able to do it. The video at the top of this thread is kinda misleading, since it looks totally effortless the way he slides the screwdriver in and pops the airbag out. Not sure, but I assume that's how it would look like after you go through the whole procedure 30 times and the hooks and soft material inside of the steering wheel start wearing out.

Here is a more detailed description on how I did it:
  1. Use the right screwdriver. A T20 torx will work best, but the philipps used in the video should be fine too.
  2. Insert the screwdriver in the opening, at an angle that is parallel to the back plate of the steering wheel.
  3. After about 45 mm (1.77 in) you will feel a resistance
  4. This is the step that initially tripped me up: In order to get the screwdriver head behind the U shaped clamp of the airbag unit, you have to push the screwdriver handle inward (towards the center of the steering wheel).
  5. If you push it far enough you will be able to advance the screwdriver another 5 mm for a total insertion depth of 50 mm (1.97 in). Now the screwdriver is in the right position
  6. Only now push the handle of the screwdriver outwards in order to release the U clamps from the hooks. Note that the airbag unit does not "pop" out, it need to be pulled out.
  7. At the same time as you're doing the previous step, with your other hand wiggle and pull the whole airbag unit until you feel it coming loose. You won't be able to move it much, since it's still locked on the other side.
  8. Repeat on the other side, while making sure that airbag unit will not snap back.

@newoldbeemer, I don't know any shops, but let me know if the instructions are useful. I work in SJ and could help you if you want.