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Originally Posted by Tengocity View Post
Personally, I think anyone looking at a 335 or perhaps even any 6-cylinder car would be mad not to spec the Prof nav pack. If you're buying with a view to exchanging in a few years and sticking with GFV then there is no risk.

But if you try to sell a car privately, of that level without Prof nav then i think you will struggle, without having to lower the price somewhat, as there will always be a lot of car available with that specced that you need to compete with.

As mentioned elsewhere, it's not just a Nav system.
I completely ignored it on my 330d. Though, I only use Nav maybe 10 times a year. However, I drive country roads I know at night often. So, I saved 2000 on pro-media. For similar money, I bought the visibility package, adaptive suspension, a stereo upgrade and the Bluetooth/iDevice connectivity upgrade. If you get Enhanced Bluetooth you get the coms box from pro-media.

I went for driveing pleasure over the geekdom of what is a hugely impressive media system. Strange that, as I'm a huge geek!

I plan to keep the car 5 years. So I doubt a map that far out of date will add any value. Apart from comedy! iOS TomTom comes with quarterly map updates for free and has done for me for about 5years.