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I've said it before as have many others, I would rarely use Pro Media for navigation, I could always use my iphone for that if I was really stuck.

Its the integrated media system and the extra features that it adds, so IMO I don't know why people keep referring to tom tom as Nav is free on many smartphones. I wouldn't want to use BT etc through a thing stuck to my windscreen either.

I had a loan e92 for 3 months whilst mine had problems with the paintwork (dealer caused it) and it didn't have Pro Media, the one time I needed Nav rather than use my Garmin I used an A-Z couldn't be bothered to find it, charge it, update it, stick it to the windscreen, etc

Again I got the Pro Media for these reasons (list from d4stringer)- nothing to do with Nav, and for me it wasn't 2k I wanted Black Panel so it was maybe 1K due to GFV increase...

OK maybe I will use Nav on some eurotrips at some point

1) Large wide screen display (with split screen option) improved Cabin look
2) 100GB Hard Drive (20GB for storing music, 60GB for Navigation, the rest for other functions).
3) Music Centre, improved music display, support search functions, podcasts, audiobooks and various music file types
4) BMW Widgets, for example you can display Weather Data in a splitscreen view with Navigation Map for example
7) Black Panel Display
8) BMW Apps (integration with Smartphone Apps, ie BMW ConnectedDrive, Facebook, Glympse, Web Radio, Web Podcasts etc..)
11) Enhanced BMW Online Interface (3G Cellular connection for faster download of BMW ConnectedDrive or Online Data)
13) DVD Drive