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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
Very rare car eh! Last of the N57s with an MT! Was so f**king good wasn't it? Miss mine dearly. That second gear acceleration was epic, it just climbed and climbed hard.

Ha, it does doesn't it! It was built May 2009 if I remember rightly. Had an oil leak twice on it and a glow plug control unit failure but other than that it was faultless. Really enjoyed that car, did not want to give it up.
Yes, very good car and a little bit quicker than the pre-LCI 330d. At the time, I wanted a manual and couldn't find one second hand anywhere so ended up ordering new, just to get the manual.

I had no problems mechanically with it but then I only did 20K in it. But...... had A LOT of annoying rattles/squeaks/creaks ...... it driven me around the bend and was in and out the dealers trying to fix them. Apart from that, good car.

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