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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
Really, that rare? I hope my 6MT has gone on to be loved by someone then! I think mine ended up about 80,000mls but it was still great. Never had any creaks or rattles but I had about 5 new windscreens in it over its life so after 100mph, it started to whistle slightly which was annoying. But also a handy alert...
I too had one! I loved it till it got to 70k miles and the worn suspension caused it to tramline horrendously! It was a company car and lease company wouldn't fix it

But we do a lot a stop start driving so I opted out and replaced it with an auto the same. The E90 auto was ok but often caught out in wrong gear i felt. And sport was in too high a gear half the time, so i used to drive it with the paddles mostly.

Back on topic... have to agree, don't see that much point of kick down on these modern autos. They are intelligent enough to mostly interpret your needs pretty well without it, and I would rather use the paddles any situation where I think kick down would be of relevance.