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Lightbulb My impressions of 4 Series Gran Coupe from closed room preview at Belgium Auto Show

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I saw it [4 Series Gran Coupe] today in the 'closed room' @ the car show in brussels. It's sleeker than the 3gt and looks very nice i admit, like it a lot. They did a pretty good job with that c-pillar and backseat room is not that bad, better than the mercedes cla i sat in... But i'm not a big person so most of those type cars are ok for me :-)

Oh yeah one more thing: it's a 5-door like the 3gt...

It's a good thing they did that tho, the boot is too short for a normal trunk imho. So it's not a baby 6gc...
I would prefer this over a 3gt wich is a little bulkier, for ppl who need space maybe better, for ppl who want looks, sleekness and sportier this is 'tha bomb' :-)

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Thanks mate

Did they give a hint about a "unofficial" Internet reveal like they did with the 2?
The only thing i got out of them was the official release in Geneva in march... Offcourse some pics may leak in the coming month or so i predict. About price i thought it would be in between 4 coupe and convertible but one steward said it wouldn't be more then the coupe, not sure if i will believe that

It was also absolutely impossible to take pictures, in the room there was maybe 6 stewards that where constantly looking at the ppl to see if no one took there mobile out of the little pocket they gave us...

The car was in M-sport and Carbonschwarz, the car does have the need for M-sport i think, tho they should have chosen another color for display to show the lines better, maybe red or blue...

A nice touch was the inscription of 'gran coupe' at the 3rd window in the rear. The 3rd window also looks better then the spyshots and renders make you believe, it's more or less like the 3gt, i was hoping for that. In the renders you see more separation lines ( if you get what i mean).

Interior well, it's just a 4 coupe in the front, no surprise. The boot is actually bigger than i tought also, and better access with the 5th door.

mm what can i tell more... it just looked so dammn good with the frameless windows

Oh yeah, it's the normal wheelbase so not the long china version from the 3gt, but i guess this was already known?

All in all a nice car, and now you have 4 choices i you need 4 doors and not too big car:

3 sedan: 4 doors, well yeah you know the rest

3 touring: 5 doors and a big versatile boot to move things

3gt: 5 doors, longer wheelbase, more bootspace and legroom rear, higher seating position, a cruiser to go on holiday and some sportiness...

4gc: sleeker, smaller (hence sportier), wider, lower seating position and all the nice gimmicks from the coupe mix 3gt (frameless windows,etc...)

Also sat in the new 2 series, but i was a little bit dissapointed about it, was not the 'agressive' look ik expected from seeing pictures. I'm also interested if bmw really will make a gran coupe from this also, it's too small then i'm afraid...

This render is very accurate imho of how it looks!

Name:  BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-IAB-Render.jpg
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This is one render from the rear, it's pretty much like this, maybe trunk little shorter i'm not sure...

Name:  BMW-4-Series-Gran-Coupe-IAB-Render-rear.jpg
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And also a render from the M4gc, close, maybe that trunk spolier won't make it tho...
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