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Originally Posted by jasemsport View Post
I'm honored that i'm able to post this here and had the privilege to see it. I was very nervous about it and ever since i've been dreaming about frameless windows and stuff, lol :-)

Don't they have those 'closed rooms' there in the us @ autoshows with scoops? I find it strange that we in belgium are among the first to see the car in the flesh... Haven't seen any other posts or word about it on the net :-/
But i guess it won't take long now that Jason comes with something.
If they do have these closed-door events in the US, I've certainly never been privileged enough to attend

Since I have two small kids, I've pretty much decided that a coupe is not a good fit. Of course I already knew that, having owned an E92 M3. Plus I hate the long doors of the coupe!

I am hoping the F36 will combine what I love about the my F30, with the more eye-catching styling of the coupe. I think I actually prefer the front/rear fascia of the M-sport F32/F36 over even the F80/F82! Looks more simple, yet aggressive on the non-M cars.

I've never owned a hatch or 5-door car, so that is intriguing to me. I realize it will be (relatively) pricey, but that will add a bit of exclusivity, I bet. I'm starting to see no-line F30s just pop up everywhere around Texas.

If it looks like that render, as you say, I have little doubt that it will be a hit.
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