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So Racer, i saw in one of your earlier post that you plan on buying adaptive suspension on your next car. But the term adaptive is a bit misleading in the f30. Unlike the Mercedes active body control or GM magnetic ride control, the f30 does not actually adapt while driving. All it means is that there are two modes. Soft and stiff(er). Based on this, isn't it wiser to get a cheaper passive suspension that has just one good setting instead of two sub par settings? Also, if anyone knows whether the f30 system is ACTUALLY adaptive, that'd be good to know.
It is actually adaptive. The settings just dictates the amount of dampening. BMW's adaptive suspension uses electric pulses to control the dampening (EDC). The suspension is absolutely adaptive. It can adjust about 10-20 times a seconds (this is based on the fact that BMW says it takes 100 readings per second, I am not sure how quickly it reacts to these readings)