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Arrow We visit AUTOWORLD; Brussels, Belgium

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Parc du Cinquantenaire 11
1000 Brussels

Tel. : +32 2 736.41.65

Opening hours :
From 01.04 to 30.09: 10:00 > 18:00
From 01.10 to 31.03: 10:00 > 17:00

When my good friend Rudi aka gs/e60/1m? first told me that there will be a huge Porsche exhibit on display in Brussels - I knew I just had to go for a visit! And I am so glad I did!! Never before had I seen such historic cars landmark cars from Porsche! A lot of the cars were on loan by Porsche Museum, but there were also quite a few cars I had NEVER seen before. And as you guys know... I do get around to most every cool automuseum in Germany!

I think Autoworld deserves to be on any car lover's radar. If your in Europe/Brussels... I highly recommend this museum.

My plan was to drive up to Brussels (on the last weekend of the show/display Jan 19th) and meet up with Rudi gs/e60/1m? and Luc @Artemis. But as all good plans go to hell... I had to move up my visit and Luc was out of town - unfortunately.

My plan was to first drive to Spa and visit the small Monastery in the small city. Then visit the small auto museum there on Spa's famous race cars(more on that museum in another thread soon!). Then Rudi and I would drive into Brussels and see the 50 years of Porsche collection at the Autoworld. Later that evening Rudi and I met with @eeghie and sampled a few nice Belgium beers at a very nice Pub. More on that later.

The Autoworld is situated in downtown Brussels. If you never been to Brussels it reminds me of Washington DC with better paved streets and the tree's there in Brussels are HUGE! Easily 100+ years old. The city is very pretty and is the seat of power for the EU. I would recommend a visit! Anyways... the Autoworld was quite a nice museum. The building/Hall(Parc du Cinquantenaire 11) was built by designer, engineer Gustave Eiffel, I believe the hall was built in 1889. You can see Eiffel's uses of steel in the making of the arches of the hall/arena.

We ran out of time looking at all the cars inside the Autoword. Rudi and I wanted to go next door to the Brussels Military Museum afterwards. I guess this will be an excuse for me to return to Brussels. Rudi recommended this really cool beer brewery called Het Anker. Some pics at the end of my foto essay. Needless to say it was a GREAT weekend!

Before showing you my pictures though... here are a few from the Autoworld's own website on the temporary display of "50 years of Porsche" exhibit. I am really glad I made the trek.

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Rudi's Smurf 1M...
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Autoworld - Brussels
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Now onto MY photos...
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