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Arrow We tour: Spa Francorchamps - race track museum...

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Spa Francorchamps, Belgium...

Cour de l'Abbaye
Belgique (Belgium)

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0032 (0) 80 86 42 61

Opening times:

Every day 7/7 from 10.00 to 18.00
Closed on 25 December, 1st January and the 4th Sunday and Monday in Lent

This Museum is in the sleepy town of STAVELOT. The Spa Francorchamps race track is down the road from here a few kilometers. I guess my words of wisdom would be not to expect much. The museum is decent, but it is small and on the grounds of an old Abbey. There are also a few other museums located in upstairs in the Abbey. One of which is a puppet museum. Needless to say I did not visit it.

When my GPS guided me into the Abbey's parking lot... I really thought I was in the wrong place. Because its in the middle of a small city/village - and its in an old bricked building/Abbey.

I have always wanted to visit this small race track museum. My tour guide: Rudi gs/e60/1m? Spa was just a good point for Rudi and I to meet, on our drive to Brussels to go visit the Autoworld. Rudi was careful to preface my tour in not to expect too much of the museum. And he was right! Its a cool museum, but it is very small and its located in the basement(keller) of the Abbey. On the plus side they did have a decent Cafe and that puppet museum might be just the ticket for the Mrs.

One would only need an hour to see this museum. I kind of wanted to roam around the village some. But we were pressed for time. There was also a WWII war memorial for our Allied Forces that liberated the town. I would have liked to stop by that. Its on my List for my next visit to Spa. There is just something special about the Effiel region.

Onto my photos...

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